October 19, 2008

Never Affraid to Learn New Things

My little boy had just recently could bike for about 2 weeks. I see and follow his progress in learning to bike since the first moment. I amazed he was only need 2 days to finally bike his 2 wheels bicycle. After that day he always enthusiasm for asking his dad to accompany him biking every morning before go to school and afternoon. I see that no more than a week he could bike very well.

Yesterday on Sunday morning I when I accompanied him biking, I surprised and almost stop my breath to see him biking in a path slopes downward (our house is surrounding by many upward and downward roads). I think he didn’t really use his arm brakes. I almost closed my eyes, not dare to see him finnish that road, while he laughing excitedly along the way down….

I think I had learned something from him. Little kids never afraid or hesitate to learn new things with a great enthusiasm. That’s why in someway they could learn something faster than us.


Tammy said...

How old is your son?

mumsgather said...

Gosh. I would have had a heart attack. Hahaha. Thats why I sometimes I let the daddy take them to the park for climbing activities etc. I'd just hold them back with my "Be careful, No, don't....." Hehehe.

ellen said...

What fun to see his excitement and joy in his new found accomplishment!

Fitri said...

if you notice, when we getting older, we will afraid about anything ;-))