October 15, 2008

What Types of Mom Are You?

There are 6 types of modern mother based on her pattern/style on nurturing kids. I read this article in Oct edition of Indonesia Readers’ Digest.
1. Natural Mom
Full of loving and can be a good friend for her kids. She wants her kids happy, independent and open minded.
2. Playful Mom
Spontaneous, warmhearted, love experiments and a playful friend to her kids. She wants her kids to be active, love to explore and have a great curiosity.
3. Ambitious Mom
Successful goals oriented and like to demand best grade to her kids. She always disciplines and never hesitate to try hard and find her kids talents becomes successful in the future.
4. Protective Mom
Often to be careful in every way, conservative and doesn’t like to take risk. She loves to protect her kids.
5. Competent Mom
A very responsible, rational and careful mom. She always up to date on the latest information. Her nurturing system is systematically planned.
6. Independent Mom
Active, like adventure so much and brave. She believes in her ability and enjoy being a mother for her kids.

So far… what the types of mom are you?
It would be interesting if you asked your older kids to choose what type of mom does he/she have. Maybe…you would be surprised that the types could be different, from your kid’point of view or yours )


Elaine said...

I think I'm a bit of everything. haha

Tammy said...

I think I'm a number 5, but I guess I would have to ask my kids.

ellen said...

Henny, thanks...aren't we blessed in this life.
I have no idea what kind of mother I am/was, but one of these days I am going to write some about what I/we went through.

Happy weekend..although yours is different from mine in terms of time. I wish you the best..E.

ellen said...

p.s. Henny, do you have an email address where I could email you. You will find mine on my blog...I hope.
Take care and thanks as always for your comments.

mumsgather said...

I don't know which type I am. Which type are you?

Fitri said...

hahaha... is there any 'sloppy mom type' ?? that's must be me.. ;-)

henny said...

Hi ds,
thanks for all your comments.
Me? I could be like Elaine and could be any number too, it depends on the situation...haha...