January 07, 2009

The White Linen Bedsheet

This month my son is going to be 12 and I’m trying hard to find a perfect gift for him.
Talking about gift ….
Have you ever told by your kids something like this?

“Oh, mom … sometimes you’re weird. Why you gave me present a bed sheet? Well, actually I need a new one, but I don’t want it as a gift. I know for sure you chose it because you LOVE that bed sheet.”

Hahaha… Yes, it’s absolutely true, but I just knew she doesn’t like one of the gift. She only loved the chocolates and cute flannel reindeer hanging puppet. About the bed sheet, I chose it because I think its color and pattern would perfectly match with her new quilt blanket I had made for her before Christmas. I remember that I really excited to find it when I was window shopping. I forgot to think over again if my daughter really like it like the way I feel or not.

Many times in many ways I found we as moms always feel “really knowing” what our kids need, but actually we don’t. It’s rather silly, isn’t it? We sometimes forgot to see from their point of views.
So far… have you ever been like this?


Tammy said...

Most kids don't like practical gifts...even my teen aged daughter doesn't.

Heart of Rachel said...

My 5-yr old son is not fond of getting clothes as gifts. I realized that when I got him some clothes for his last birthday. He only gave me a half smile when he opened the box. I guess at his age, he likes toys more.

Xtina said...

Hehe..sebenernya bukan ke anak aja kita musti ngasih kado apa yg "dia senengin" bukan apa yg "kita senengin" kan Hen?!!

...SELAMAT TAHUN BARU YA..sorry jarang mampir di sini soalnya aku lebih banyak begajulan di MP daripada di blogger nih apalagi sekarang tambah facebook..makin pusing deh hehehe...