January 25, 2009


I know that many kids have their own “precious property” on their early years of life. It could be blanket, toys, so many things. It also happened to my little boy. I’ve just recently aware that whenever he wants to sleep, ‘Polly’ the polar bear should be around him, not always to be hugged. He usually take a look at around the room and asks “Where’s Polly?”. Too see Polly also in the same room with him, make him comfortable to start listening to my story and then sleep. I know he loves his Polly very much.

So I wrote this for him. ..If he get older and become a big boy, he could remember and see again his dearly ‘Polly’ the polar bear.

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Heart of Rachel said...

That's a cute bear. I'm sure he will appreciate this post very much especially when he's older.