February 25, 2009

He told a lie...

Yesterday my boy had a school's field trip with all his classmates. They went to 2 places, first to a groceries store and then to a small post office. From his story after that, I knew that they had to learn in buying and counting their money at the groceries store. At the post office each of them sent a letter to one of their friend,also had to learn how to make a line, buy and attached stamps(parents should give them Rp 30.000 -about U$2,5- for that purposes.

I had reminded him not to buy bubble gum or candy when he was shopping. When I picked him up at school and saw what things he had bought... I was amazed. He bought 2 oranges, a bottle of chocolate milk, a cup of fruit yoghurt and oreo. Smart boy, I said to him. Instantly he said, "I didn't buy bubble gum, Ma". "Good then", I said.

After we arrived at home and I unpacked his plastic grocery's bag, I found a small receipt paper. When I read the things he bought, you know what...aha, there was an item of bubble gum. Was he starting to lie? Well, I didn't angry at him, just say "if you really want it, you just ask me, no need to lie, ok?"

About the bubble gum, yes there's a rule between me and him, he could only chew it under my supervision. Maybe that's the reason why he was lying. He want to do by his own. I was just surprised...this is his first time to tell a lie.

Had you ever have this "first lie" experience with your little one? How could you handle it? I forgot how I managed with his 2 big brother and sister. It was a long time ago..


mumsgather said...

So far my two little ones will confess to me tearily when they tell a lie. Thats how I find out about the lie! So since they confess, I will scold them for lying but praise them for telling me about it..... in the hopes that they will continue to tell me about it! Haha.

ellen said...

Oh, yes...I remember them happening. I think I talked a lot about how important trust was, and how once it was broken, it was hard to restore it. Of course, I probably talked way too much!

Tammy said...

It's good you talked to him about it. All kids go through that phase.

Heart of Rachel said...

I think it's good that you talked to him gently about it instead of reprimanding him.

I haven't experienced anything like that because my son is still too young.