March 03, 2009

A little bit 'Serious Conversation'

I usually have conversation with Ian in the car on our way to his preschool every morning. The topics could be various, from a silly one to a rather serious matter for kid. Since only two of us in the car (the other 2 go by their school van). I really enjoyed our special “quiet time” with no quarrel between the boys (sometimes I sick in hearing their quarrels in the car!).

This morning I was a bit surprised when finally we got a little bit serious conversation after heard news from a local radio about a member of Indonesian Legislative Assembly had been caught last night in doing corruption transaction with an industrialist. Here in Indonesia, the government seems seriously this time to overcome this ‘sickness’ of our nation. I really hope we could see the good result in the next generation.

Ian asked me, “What’s the meaning of corruption, Ma?”
Didn’t prepare in answering, I said, “ehmm..let me think for a few minutes to find a simple example for you”.
Really, it was difficult for me to find one and explaining clearly to a 5 years old boy.
Then I told him like this..

“For example there are 3 people who want to build a main public street at our city. They are you, your friend Andrew and some one else named Evan. The government should only choose one of you to build it, the best one in making street construction. But at the end, the people from government choose Evan although he’s not good at all. Evan had given some money to the people from the government so that they choose him. Giving and receiving some money like that is not right and you can call that corruption. Do you get it?”

Oh my goodness….I don’t know what the better and simpler story at that time to tell.
Ian was smiling and nodded his head. I don’t know if he’s really understand or not.
I think I should find another simple example.
Any suggestion?


ellen said...

I think that you did a magnificent job. For heaven sake, I would not have known what to say...the only other thing that I can think about is to link it to your family and make the story really "small" and connected to what he knows.
But..Henny, I think that you did a wonderful job and much better than I could ever do. You are super!

Tammy said...

It sounds like you did a great job explaining it. :o)

mumsgather said...

I think that was a good explanation. I would probably have said something like "I'll explain it to you when you are older." Hahaha. I'm such a bad mommy.

Heart of Rachel said...

Corruption is a hard thing to explain to someone so young. I think you did a great job explaining it.