March 10, 2009

"3 months, but I feel like 6 months!"

Yesterday I said to my daughter that I was surprised it’s already March and we’re going to have another Good Friday Mass again. Then I think about my husband-her Dad….
“ It has been 3 months since Papa gone to Holland”
And she said..
“Yeah, it’s already 3 months but I feel like 6 or 7 months!”, she said.

I smiled to her, yes we all feel the same about missing the same person we truly loved.
Time is really relative, isn’t it?

I won’t say that become a temporary “single mom” or ‘life without papa’ for my kids is easy, hmm … not at all especially on the first month.
But we all learned so much together through everything we’re going through. And on these days I think we used to adapt quite good. That’s one of the best lessons in living for our kids….


ellen said...

What a loving and strong family you have Dear Henny. You and your husband are doing such a wonderful job in the raising of such sweet and thoughtful children.
Have a wonderful weekend.
By the way, how is the new sewing machine doing?

Tammy said...

I'm sure you all miss him a lot. I hope time goes by quickly for you.

Heart of Rachel said...

I've also noticed how time seems to run longer when you miss someone.

I could just imagine how much you and your kids miss your husband. I admire how you try your best to fill the shoes of both parents for your children while your hubby is far away.