March 05, 2009

The Second One about Our Talking....

Thanks to you friends for commenting on my last post about my conversation with Ian.
You know, after thinking a whole evening I finally found the simplest version about corruption.
This morning, I told him my other new example.

“As an example when I gave you Rp 500,- for buying chewing gum (I know he’s really crazy to this thing right now) then you bought it at Indomart (a small groceries store neaby) by yourself. When you returned home and I asked about the change, you said you didn’t have any left money, because the chewing gum cost Rp 500,-. Actually the chewing gum doesn’t cost Rp 500,- but Rp 300,-. You just keep the change for yourself without telling me. You had corrupted Rp 200,- from me. And also you told a lie. ”

I saw his face, then he told me like this
“ So.. there are 2 meanings of corruption now? The one like yesterday and the other is just like today?”


“Well, they’re have the same meaning, dear Ian. Today I told you the simplest one. Ok, you can choose which one you like for the story of corruption…”, I don’t know what to say anymore…

“I’ll choose the chewing gum story”, he said with a big smile.

Aah…chewing gum is still on his top list!


ellen said...

Growing up is so hard, isn't it?
I am still working on it!
You are a loving and caring mother, Henny.

Tammy said...

Hehe he definitely likes his chewing gum doesn't he. :o)

Heart of Rachel said...

This is a better explanation. It's great that you were able to connect it to a past experience. Well done.

Fitri said...

Henny apa kabaaaaar ? :-)

wuuah seneng ga sih punya anak pinter2 , cerdik gitu loh.. jawab nya..