March 25, 2009

Playing with 'Coloring Paper'

Yesterday Ian was playing with lots of coloring paper while I was writing on my PC and here are what he made . He asked that I should upload them here... :)

my drawing book

I made a sharp kitchen knife for Mama (because he knew my knife was not sharp at all yesterday)

my handphone

spongebob need a pipe for breathing in the sea

hahaha...this one is I love the best!


mumsgather said...

I like the knife and the handphone. Hehehe. He is very creative.

Tammy said...

Those are so cute! LOVE the Sponge Bob!

Heart of Rachel said...

Those are cute and creative paper art. I love his Spongebob creation.

Fitri said...

Henny, apa kabar ? waah..makin kreatif aja..

btw aku punya award buat kamu disini yaa :