April 05, 2009

Kissing My Teenage Girl

This week I have wonderful moments again with my daughter. I mean since my hubby was away, I feel we have better relationship to each other. She seldom to talk sarcasm words to me (you know, with a teenager we often find difficulties to talk to..) and maybe so do I. Haha....
In couple of nights she asked to sleep with me. Aah...I'm really glad. She's back to my little girl again for a while, but still I couldn't kiss and cuddle her anytime I want :)
Really, I want to ask you who have teenagers at home, do they really difficult to kissed by their own mom now? Sometimes when I finally could kiss her, I feel just like I have win a big lottery!!
So..for you who still have little girl/boy, kiss them a lot while they don't avoided.

Btw, I have an award from my childhood friend, Fitri. Our parents had a closed neighborhood relationship at that moment. I met her again in blogspot, isn't that amazing we could keep in touch again? Her blog is always full of yummy and easy recipe and also always full of awesome photos.
Thanks, Fitri :)


Tammy said...

Aurora is very affectionate. She kissing me good-night every night. Although, she doesn't like to hug or kiss me in front of her friends. ;o)

mumsgather said...

Thanks for the reminder. :)