April 21, 2009

Behind That Perfect Shot

For the last 2 years I've tried to take 3 of them to a photo studio. It always begin with different reponses, the big girl said 'ah...no, Ma', the youngest said 'yipee...', the middle said ' what should I wear?'. It always become an unforgettable moment seeing their poses captured on film in a studio and heard the photographer's comments in trying to make a unique and natural posture of them.

The moment after the picture has already printed ... always become an experience of looking them in picture with a big 'Wow' from the mom. They looked so beautiful to my eyes. Almost can't believe they're now bigger and different from last year pictures.

I smiled to myself when I remember the truth behind that perfect shot....
In the photo, these lovely children looks really cute...as though they never fight, yell or call each other bad words, as though they never kick or hide their sibling toys or stuff.
Ah, I wish they're as lovely as the photo described for each single day :)

but it's only my wish. I do enjoy and love every moment, good or bad with them. It's a treasure!!

This is their last year photo

And these are the new ones... see how different they are now!


Tammy said...

You have beautiful children! They grow so quickly don't they.

ellen said...

They are beautiful, Henny.They look so full of life and fun.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Golden Years Gal said...

Your children are adorable!

Heart of Rachel said...

You have beautiful kids. Every sweet child is a wonderful blessing.