April 09, 2009

a TRicK for my GiRL

2 week ago I went to a parents' meeting at my girl's school to receive students mid semester report. She got 5,8 for math and 6 for computer science (here we have scale of 1 - 10 for school grade). Both of us were not happy with those grade.
I tried to punish her this time but in a 'good and fair way' (really not easy at all to find one!). I ever had to promise her something she really want if she have good grades in math, but didn't work. She's really an easy going person and doesn't like if we made a target like that. Not single of gift could move her motivation to get better in math although I knew if she tried a little bit hard then she could. It really spins my head...

So last week I try different strategy. I cut off all her free time in front of our PC at home for 3 months until next July, her last semester. She could only use the PC (for an hour) only if she has at least 9 for every subject at school. 2 hours if she got 10. You know what...my goodness it works!!! I'm happy for her.

Last week she showed me her grade of 10 for Geometry and she got 2 hours playing games online. Another day she came home with 9 for another subject.

Now I know the secret trick for her :)
Wow, kids are really unique..
Prizes for them could be vary so much!

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Heart of Rachel said...

It's good that you found an effective way to motivate your daughter in her studies.