May 23, 2009


Wake up in Sunday morning alone while kids still sleep, no hurry to do list, playing in front of my PC - browsing around (I had just read a beautiful post about 'saturday morning' here) always kind of peaceful moment for me.
It such a blessing to still have this quiet time to start a day. Another blessing to have 3 healthy kids, wonderful husband and family....
Blessings, blessings..

Ah.., remind me to start wake up my kids from beds and maybe we'll go to earliest Sunday mass to say BIG thank you for many blessings we have.
Sometimes it's a difficult "job' to do on Sunday while we want to stay laziness at our peaceful home...although we know we have so many blessing.

So come on, wake up kids!!


ellen said...

Dear Henny..
Aren't times alone so wonderful...and in those times we truly thank God for the gifts that have been given us; husband, children, family, home...oh, home which includes all that we love..comfort, warmth, peace and love.

Best to you, Henny!

p.s. on the side of my computer I see the sunlight reflected with the shadows of our trees..another blessing.

Mary Arteche said...

I'm glad you liked my post Henny!

Any word from Shelly? I haven't heard from her in so long...

Heart of Rachel said...

I love laid back Sundays. It's really a blessing to have a wonderful family.