July 01, 2009

This time is much better!

Yesterday was my husband's second departure to Holland after having a 1 month vacation here with us. This time is much better! I accompanied him to the airport with the little one, having great and fun conversation while driving because we both focus on talking about our next Christmas or New Year vacation after he finish his study and going back home for good on December.

Look at myself and the kids...no crying at all! Well, a little bit sad... it's ok and normal I think, but now we're more 'confident' with ourselves about walk on our daily life without him.
I remember 6 months ago at his first departure, I was crying in silent and didn't dare enough to accompany him to the airport for saying goodbye. He just took a taxi from home.

I do learn a lot along the way without him at home and so the kids.
Now finally I could be grateful for this chance.


utami said...


You are always stronger than you think you are. And I always believe a little separation is a good thing for a relationship.

Now, tell me what did you discover about yourself?


henny said...

You're right, Tam.
Little separation is really a good thing for both side. We're become deeper in loving and understanding each other.
I discovered (and surprised!) that :
- I could be independent and trust myself MORE then before and getting to use my 'brain' more then my 'feeling' in facing daily problem.

- Finally have 'real' empathy with those single moms out there.

- Have extra free time for myself in doing what I want, hahaha...

utami said...

Well you know that famous statistics: much more men that are widowed remarry than women who are widowed. Women discover that they can do a lot of things on their own and they discover themselves!