July 03, 2009

He's 6 now!

Today is Ian's birthday.
Gosh, finally he turns 6 now...
As my experiences in parenting with the 2 of my other kids, we're going to go through the new chapter of our journey with Ian. For me 6 is a year of transition, from a world full of tickle, kissing and cuddle to a new world of young boy!
This mid of July he also start his elementary school. Really, this year would be something really special for him and ME :)

You know what he said to me yesterday?
"Ma, I don't want a birthday cake today. Just simply buy me a candle then I blow up.
After wait for so many days, I feel this day is just like usual day. I don't want my birthday today, I want it next year."

Oo...I know he's a little bit sad because his dad is not home. He also didn't want to answer his dad's birthday wishes by phone this morning. I thought he miss him a lot.
But lately he asked this :
"Ma, I want a birthday cake then, but not so big, just a tiny one, ok?
I want to blow the candle and celebrate at grandpa's home tomorrow. So, my birthday not today, but tomorrow>"

Love you Ian...
Let's celebrate your birthday tomorrow, honey :)

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Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Ian. I wish him more wonderful and promising years ahead.

My son also celebrated his sixth birthday last Saturday.