August 05, 2009

Mistake Spelling

click pic for a better view

At first when I saw his writing in this way couple of times, I started to worry because there are so many mistake spelling. I've tried to teach him to write in right spelling, but fail.
Finally I came to his teacher and asked one of my friend -Rachel- in blogland (she's a montessori teacher)and these are their answer..

I shouldn't have worried too much about spelling in first grade as long as I can tell that my son is trying to "sound out" the words and as long as he is working on his reading.
It's very normal when 1st grade kids are guessing the spelling by using the sounds in the spoken word to figure it out on their own. This is a great way to start writing and will improve as children practice. I have found that as a child practices and improves their reading skills, the spelling will also improve because they are seeing words over and over again and figuring out tricky spelling rules on their own. At this age children really do absorb all the knowledge around them!

Well, just enjoy your first grade Ian. I don't need to worry at all from now on.

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