August 10, 2009

About a Lesson in Gender

Ian showed me his drawing after he arrived home from school.
While he was showing it he told me that it was a picture of himself playing football and on the corner of the page he also draw someone was cooking in a small kitchen. "It's also me", he said.
"I want to play football and learn how to cook".

I figured out from his story that his teacher told the kids to draw a picture that could describe what they want to do and learn at this moment. Anything... is possible said the teacher.

Ah, I'm glad to see his drawing. It has showed me (I hope) that he understand there's no girl or boy's job in this world. Man and woman is equal and can do everything they want to do. You know, I always tell this to the kids since they're young and showed them simply that their daddy and mommy do household works together side by side at home.

But, it's a pity now I've lost his drawing...I forget where I keep it. Sigh!


mumsgather said...

Yes, its a pity you lost the pic. Go look for it!

ellen said...

What a good lesson and so important. I would love to see the drawing too.
I have been teaching my 12 year old grandson to sew. It's been such fun and he loves it.