August 27, 2009

My All 'Special' Birthday Gifts

Yesterday was my 40th birthday. Without my hubby here seem something missing, no dine out as we usually did. But I've got plenty of happiness by receiving b'day wishes at Facebook and Flickr from my dear old and new friends. Aah...having friends is really wonderful blessing!
Three of my kids also gave me 'special' gifts. My daughter made me an omellete for dinner, the middle boy gave me an afternoon late kiss since he was hurry to school and forgot it was my b'day that morning and the little one finally gave me an unusual gift I've ever had, after he was thingking hard at school (he said like that).
He said, "Ma,since you really love my puffy butt, so my butt is forever for you."
haha.... since I really love to kiss my kids' bottoms when they're still little kids especially after they're having bath (I just like its smell and damp cold feeling)
"One more, Ma. I'll sleep with you tonight for an extra gift".
Oh...what a touching wonderful gift!
Not but least my hubby also sent me a lovely poem via email. It almost made me cry although (I know) it was a'copy paste' poem. :)

Really a perfect birthday celebration..
Like my brother in law texted me as a birthday wish:
"Birthday are the perfect time to think of all you've done. That's made your life so meaningful.".


ellen said...

Happy Birthday, Henny!!!!!!!!!
I too, loved to kiss my babies bottoms. How sweet and funny.
Have a wonderful weekend.

mumsgather said...

Happy Belated Birthday Henny. I'm happy to hear that you had a good one. :)

Fitri said...

Happy B'late Birthday Hen... semoga sehat selalu, banyak rejeki. Dudududu..koq ga ada di FB hihih. kelamaan duduk di FB gini ni