August 25, 2009

Be Focus One at a Time, Still Learning..

This afternoon I accompanied my little boy to learn his 1st grade Science subject. It's about Insect and Fish and tomorrow he's going to have a written test.
It was really fun when I first started to read for him. Lots of colorful pictures on the book. And then come to the moment he should read.....still enjoy it, but not as much as before. And then come to the moment to write...
Oh my...he wrote so slowly with some mistake spellings. Sometimes I have to be patience a LOT!
Meanwhile in my mind there was still a wait-to-do list for tonight.

well, I know it's not fair for him to have his mom beside him, but not totally focus on him! I said to him "come on, can do it", but inside "hurry up, boy!!I want to make your chicken steam rice for tomorrow's breakfast, I want to read my email, I want to update my Facebook, I want to play Farm Town,I just want to be relaxed.."
hahaha...I'm a bad mom sometimes. Still need to learn how to be focus one at a time. How about you?


ellen said...

Oh, are not a bad Mom! You are a human being.
We all need time to hang out with ourselves and it is hard when the children are little. It is difficult to find the balance:Taking care of our children and taking care of ourselves. Don't forget that you have it doubly hard when you are the only parent for such long stretches of time. It will be a lot easier when Dad can be home again.
Take care...I know you are a wonderful mother!

Tammy said...

Kids take a lot of patience and it's normal for us to sometimes wish we didn't have to need so much of it.

mumsgather said...

Haha. Were you talking about me?