April 29, 2008

Secret Messages

After 5 years managed a preschool I've known several parents customs that usually happened at school. The most interested one is about "secret message". I called it 'secret' because the message always comes from the mom and send to the teacher without the knowledged of her kid. Surely the message has variously contents but mainly about kid's behaviour at home (usually that already has value judgement at from mom's point of view). Mommy hope the teacher would help her to tell the kid about the right thing to do related to the problem she faced.

This is kind of message at the first rank.....
Moms usually ask for more homeworks for their kids. hehe...I don't know why most moms love homeworks so much). Since our method of teaching is 'learning by doing and playing', maybe our homeworks seemed less seious to moms..

The other messages thas have always come up are....
something about obedience to parents, sibling quarrelling, eating problem (doesn't like vegetables or fruits), talking bad words, etc.

Moms know that little kids more listening to their teachers than to their own moms, so they would be grateful if teacher get involved in this matter by telling the kids good things related to the 'secret message". Usually after their teacher-kid conversation, they would obbey their parents' rules.
But that's true... It was happened to me oneday. I sent a secret message to my kid's teacher by phone.
What about you with your little ones, ever try to send " a secret message"?


E-phi said...

uh huh!

I know it...i know it!

henny said...

You do? hehe...
I'll bet you'll be very...smart when you'll become mom.