May 31, 2008

Before 'The Empty Nest' Feeling Come..

Yesterday when i walked blogging, I found a posting of a mom about her daughter's 21th birthday and her feeling about that, like an 'empty nest' feeling. Interesting!
It's inspired me to write this.

With 3 kids aged 13, 11 and almost 5 that put our house -most of the times- in messy, the job of cleaning included put every things back in order really takes my time. It happens almost everyday (weekend is the worst). Tiring, of course!
Blessed me that I live in an Asian country and could have maid's helping. I can't imagine to do all the household works by myself. I really grateful for that :-)

Weekends usually become the most busiest days in a week. Full of plans of doing something or going out somewhere always make weekends becomes special day that we're sll waiting for. So far, my 2 teens still get enthusiasm for getting involved with the 'hustle bustle' of family weekend. But I think, maybe in a couple years ahead they won't be able to join every family's weekend. Certainly they'll have other things to do with friends. Teens love to do anything with friends, don't they?
(Remember when we're teens? hehe..)
Friend could become more 'interesting' than parents :-(

So I think it's better for me (at this time)to enjoy the 'hustle bustle' and all the messy my kids did than complained. I knew one day I'll miss those things so much.
Surely there will be times when they started to "leave" us to welcome their own life
and...the 'empty ness' feeling maybe would come to me.
Sigh. Should every parents has this experience?

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