May 27, 2008

Ian Keeps Asking About His Birthday Party

Yes,it has been starting from last month (Ian is going to be 5 next month). My hubby and I never made a birthday party at school or someplace where we could invited many kids. No, that's not the tradition of the family. We always celebrate birthday in private, just 5 of us. It could be at home or restaurant or somewhere else, but we still keep in private and like to do it all the years. My 2 other big kids never asked a birthday party before. They never complained about it. But now, it seemed quite different with their little brother. Ian keeps asking about his birthday party every time he received a birthday invitation card from his friend at school. happens almost every week! I also imagine how many kids there had celebrated his birthday at school. Maybe that's why he keeps on asking.

I had explained to him (every time he asked!)that his birthday is on early July, it'll be school holiday and we can't celebrate his birthday on the other day, 3 weeks after, when everybody come to school again. Otherwise every people has their own special way in celebrating birthday. Party doesn't always mean he's 'real happy' with his special day (although most of them did, hehe..). the important thing is people should be thankful/grateful for his birthday, blah, blah....etc.
But till yesterday he seemed not understand about all I said. Finally I have "his point of view" in this matter, he just be happy to has many birthday presents from friends, like the way he saw his friends had at school on their b'day party. I don't want him feel that way, but I know...he's only a little kid.

Wow..what should I do? Is there any simple explanation for him about 'timing' since he doesn't care at all if his birthday on July will be the same time with school holiday?
Do you have any suggestion for me to say about this to him?
I think I almost give up. It always be easier to explain this to other kids than to mine.


Xtina said...

Hi Hen...mungkin kamu bisa undang teman2nya ke rumah...bikin pesta kecil di rumah, yang sederhana tapi berkesan. Come on!...make him Happy just this once!!! Its his birthday! I am sure after this and the older he gets, he wont be asking about birthday party anymore. He he heee

henny said...

Hah..malah make a b'day party at home?? Wow, no no...never 'flash' on my mind. But thank u for your suggestion. I just not that type of mom (pelit ya?). Otherwise all his classmates' homes are very far from ours (his school isn't at our housing area, it's about 10km away). Kalo temen sekitar rumah, selain dikit juga not his close friends, nanti gak seru juga. Maybe I want to give him a big Lego set of Constructions for 'replacing' the party. He really want that 'stuff' lately. He always want to be 'Bob the builder'. haha..

Tammy said...

Maybe you could hand out the invitations to his party before the last day of school stating that the party will be in July. Until my daughter was in school we just had family parties, but when she started school she wanted to have friends at her party also. Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great weekend! :o)

henny said...

thanks. Maybe if he really really want that party, I should consider your suggestion. Keep in touch.