May 21, 2008

The 'Closing Year End School' Party

Nowadays it seems to be busy days for kids from Kindergarten level in preparing their performances at stage for the closing year end school party. It happens to my little boy,too. Yesterday he gave me his teacher's announcement paper that said,"started from this week for 3 times/weeks all the kids would practice dancing at school". It means the practice will be more intensive and there will be only 2 more days left for studying in a week.
Everybody at kindergarten school seemed enthusiastic (it happened too in the preschool I managed). The party will take place on June,18 and the school days itself will be end 2 days later. Then the long school holiday will take place..

The excitement of preparing the party 'spread' to my home. My boy often sing his dancing song, sometimes when he's in the mood he would dance too and all of us would smile happily to watch his performance. Sometimes I couldn't believe. Whose kid is he? hehe.. Time flies! I still feel he's my baby. Look at him now, grow so fast!

Me, as his mom, almost couldn't stand to see his performance at stage.
What about your K kids? Do you experience the same thing?

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