May 24, 2008

Mini Pack Better Than Jumbo ?

I referred the title above to biscuits, cereals and any other kind of kids' food. Kids love those kinds of food. So many brands you'll find at market. Kind of cheese biscuits could be more than 10, also for the chocolate favor, strawberry, so many...I think maybe there always be one kind of new kids' food in every 2 weeks.

Have you ever found your kid felt amazed to look at rows of biscuits/snacks on the racks at the store/supermarket and couldn't decided immediately which snack does he really want? I often buy many brands of them in all at once and keep them at home, so whenever my kids want some snacks they just go and take it away from the kitchen's cabinet. I called that part of the cabinet as "the Food Bunker". Hehe..Since 2 of my kids have already teens, they get so much "great" appetite in foods :-)

Formerly I used to fill our Food Bunker with Jumbo Size Packs of snacks. With 3 kids at home I thought it would be cheaper to buy bigger size than the normal one *mom's opinion* :-b
But it was wrong...
I found my kids have tendency to be bored soon on one brand in jumbo size pack.
They'll open another pack soon, left the 'old' one. There would be 2 or 3 unfinished packs at the cabinet and usually they'll go to mom's and dad's tummy!

Do you ever experience this with the kids?
From that moment I stopped to buy Jumbo Size Packs. Mini Size Packs always be better for my kids. No more food left at the Food Bunker and no more excess calories intake for mommy and daddy :-b

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