May 20, 2008

Oh, I Can’t Stand Not Buying Books!

I visit the book store several times a week, minimum for twice a week since almost everyday I passed it on the way to fetch my boy from school. Usually I don’t just browse books, but also buy some too. At least one book if I think I’ve had spent too much on books. I really couldn’t stand to let the interesting book stay on the display rack, my fingers “love” to move it to the cashier table. My other trick to stay away for a while from buying new books is taking another route to my boy’s school or when I was at the mall I didn’t passed the book store and I hate to do that. Sigh!

My five book cabinets at home don’t fit enough to keep all our books. That’s why I’ve an idea to change my living room to a cozy home library with 2 soft sofas completed with a nice carpet and couples of pillows. My family is seldom to sit at the living room’s chairs. We always like to chat on the carpet in front of the TV so I think the living room is a little bit useless. We also have few guests to stop by. Anybody except our friends and family doesn’t need to enter the living room. On the terrace is quite enough I think. Hehe.

Ok, back to my book shopping habit…
I inclined ‘stingy’ for buying toys, but not for books. My kids can buy many books they liked as long as the books good for them. As birthday present for their friends, I recommend books too. My kids would really open their eyes widely when I bought toys for them. Sometimes I felt a little guilty when they’re talking about their friends’ toys, especially the boys. Only when it comes to a very special occasion like birthday, I give them toys. Since they know their mommy doesn’t like toys too much, they seldom in begging for ones.

Is this a good custom of motherhood or not? I don’t know. I just don’t have so much pleasure in shopping toys like most moms did. What about you?

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