May 26, 2008

Vegetable Chips

As we know, most of kids don’t like vegetables and most of parents want their kids loves vegetables. So..many tricks and recipes had made to ‘solve’ this ‘problem’. I found another easy trick and ‘delicious’ recipe to made vegetables tasted real good!

The ‘story’ begins with this…

A couple of days ago my hubby came home with a box brought back from a Sundanese restaurant. I was a little bit surprised to see the content of the box. Many long greenish chips in it. Yummy and crispy. I couldn’t guess what the chips made of until my hubby told me it was “kacang panjang”, a kind of beans.
(I can’t find its name in English. If you know, please tell me..)
We used that bean for many kinds of Indonesian cuisines. I put the picture above, but sorry it was a pity that my maid had already cut it short when I took the picture.

2 days ago on weekend I tried to made that ‘bean chips’ by myself and I did it successfully. All my kids love the bean chips. They said it doesn’t taste like vegetable at all. They used to throw away that bean when I make a cuisine with it. In a second all the chips has gone, “moved” to their tummies.
Here is a recipe if you want to try:
‘Kacang panjang’ (kind of bean, look at the picture above), washed clean and cut it short (5 – 6 cm)
1 cup of multipurpose flour seasoning
¼ cup of corn starch
¼ cup wheat flour
pepper powder
salt (if you like. I didn’t add salt because my multipurpose flour seasoning has already salty)

Mix all together in a bowl to make a thick batter. Put the bean in it and deep fried in hot oil.
---------- the end ---------------

I think you could try with other vegetables that has not contained much water in it like thin slices of broccoli, spinach, etc. I’ll try next weekend. Good luck for you.


Anonymous said...

hi Heny, I just blogwalking and find this site. Like to read this blog, so informatif.
Here in America we call kacang panjang is Long Bean or Snake Bean

henny said...

Hi too..
Thanks for your information about 'long bean'.