July 28, 2008

Decorating The Door

Every year the teachers at the Kindergarten renew the decorating on the doors of the school. Since almost all the doors had glasses we had problem that every kids who passed them always stop and peep inside what were their friends from other class doing and vice versa the kids inside the class do the same.

So here we’ve got the door's design for this year. We reused and recycled every kind of leftover papers for decorating the doors.


mumsgather said...

Oh, they're really pretty! Very nice designs. :)

ellen said...

Those doors are so bright and cheerful!
p.s. don't be so hard on yourself in regards to raising teens. It is not an easy job and patience can and does wear thin. I think talking about it and letting your children know that you are not always "right" is good. Apologies are good too. We teach by example and want our children to also be loving and patient adults one day.
I know that I questioned my abilities many times, but things worked out and I can honestly say that my two boys grew up to be wonderful, loving men. Hang in there, Henny!

Tammy said...

Great idea and very pretty!

Fitri said...

Henny, duuh .. nggak nyangka ternyata skarang terlibat banyak dengan anak2 ya :-)

Doa kita semua disini juga semoga tante Mien, kembali sehat :( dan juga Henny panjang sabar merawat beliau ya.

Ini skalian aku kasih site yang mungkin bisa berguna buat anak2 di TK : http://papertoys.com

henny said...

MG, Tammy,
thank you..

I'll take your advices. I'm glad to have a friend who had already through the moment of raising kids. I can learn from you :)

Terimakasih juga doanya.
Tak coba buka ya 'link' mu.

Suzanne said...

These are lovely Henny, what a good idea.

Xtina said...

guru2nya kreatif juga ya ;-))