December 18, 2008

Another Conversation after Praying in the Car

“Why the sky is so blue after I open my eyes, Ma, not just like ‘the same blue’ I saw before I pray?”, he asked from the back chair after finished his pray for Dad. I took a look at the sky.. no, I think it still the same sky…(adult’s thinking)

Thinking for a sec then I told him maybe because his eyes had just recently closed and rested for a while, so when he open his eyes then he would feel a little bit different, more relaxed so he saw a more blue sky then before. (Oh oh…did I give him right explanation?)

Not satisfied to what I said then he told me, Yesterday you didn’t say like that..”.
“Oh, what did I say then?”
, really I forgot.
“Already forgot? When I asked you after praying, remember…? You said because I pray to the people I loved with a happy heart so when I open my eyes after praying then I’ll see the sky more blue then before.”

Oh yes, I remember, I remember….Yesterday I said like that to him after he pray at the car. I don’t know why he like to pray at the car these 2 days in a row. So.. gosh, I gave him 2 answers.
“Well, honey. I think both of them could be right. I’ll check the book or we’re googling together after school, ok?”
End conversation. Better get googling now after post this and before I'll pick him up :)


Fitri said...

hehehehe.. anak2 dah mulai kritis ya Hen.. :-) ibu nya harus makin bijak klo ng'jawab pertanyaan anak nih. Aduuh, jadi inget Nisa..gimana nanti klo dia besar ya, bawel yang pasti.

Btw, soal kenapa tukang kue bikin kue ultah sendiri bisa di baca disini :

Jackie said...

That is so sweet, and I think your first explanation is correct - after we pray the sky does seem bluer. Hope your Christmas will not be too sad. You have such love and thoughtfulness to surround you.

ellen said...

This is very heartwarming to read. I am thinking of you and your family, Henny, and hoping that you will all be together as soon as possible. It is so hard to be missing a husband and a daddy, especially this time of year.
Take care, sending love to you, e.

Heart of Rachel said...

That's such a wonderful way of seeing things. A happy heart makes things seem more beautiful.