December 18, 2008

I learn something simple but sweet from him.

“Mom, It’s noisy here.. turn off the radio!”, my little boy told me. We’re in the car on the way to his school this morning and I was listening to a local radio broadcast.
“Why?”, I asked. He usually likes to hear “Sketsa Indonesia” a program about Indonesia Today, but spread in a comedy situation.
“I want to pray right now, for Papa”.
Oh…so sweet of him, really touched me.
Then I saw him through the frontview mirror that he closed his eyes and pray after I turn off the radio. My tears almost down. He surely misses his Dad a lot, but expressed it in a very good way.
My hubby has already gone to Jakarta yesterday and today he will continue travel to Amsterdam. This Christmas would be different without him around us, not only for the Christmas I think but for the whole year.


Fitri said...

oh..hubby dah jadi berangkat ke Belanda kah ? :( anak2 pasti rindu deh skarang. Semoga kalian semua selalu sehat ya Hen..



Heart of Rachel said...

That's a sweet gesture from your son. It shows how much he loves and misses his Dad.