July 16, 2009

You're Special !

Yesterday was Ian's first day on elementary. We both excited about thinking of his new school, new friends, new teachers. Because it was his first day then I accompanied him to his new class. Nice classroom filled with 21 kids with 2 teachers.
Lucky of me that Ian is a quite independent boy, also has good self confidence. He always brave and excited about new things. I think this good basic behavior comes most from his Montessori education at preschool.

At noon when I picked him up, I saw a little red button pin on his white shirt.
"The teacher gave this button to all of us" , he said.
I just love the word on it....

This is really a good start for every kid for encouragement and knowing they're special. Love it!
Good luck Ian with your new journey into this whole new experiences. I do hope you'll always love to learn along the way and love LiFE!


mumsgather said...

Good Luck to Ian!

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a nice way to encourage students. Good luck to Ian.