July 23, 2009

She's a young "woman" now!

My girl (almost 14 in couple of days) is now a young "woman"!
Not a real woman like we adult think, I mean today she's having her first period..
I have prepared my self and especially her in facing this 'day'. From books, discusion, etc.
So far I see our "preparation" going well ...this morning she just told me in a 'cool' way like this : "Ma, I think I've got my first period last night".
There's no panic (even a little bit) in her voice, life seems usual for her.

Different with me, her mom...
"Are you ok?...Let's find new special panties or you could use mine first. It's ok...You should wear a little bit tight panties so the pantyliner would stay perfect, oh yes...don't forget to peel off the wings, attached to your outside panty....etc, etc..."

Btw, I'm thinking about giving her kind of little sweet present, just for remembering this special day.
What a perfect gift do you think?

1 comment:

Fitri said...

uhuhuhu.. ada yang udah besar :D peluk cium untuk Nath yaaa..

Jadi inget dulu deh Hen, kita kan sempet kebagian nasi kotak *klo ga salah inget ya* waktu pertama kali Henny jadi 'dewasa' :D beda sama kita di rumah, cuma di kasih pembalut doank hihihi..