August 12, 2009

"Why don't you kick him back?"

Yesterday when my lil' boy came out of the school and on the way to the car parking area he told me that one of his friend who often hit other friends without any reason, this time kicked him on his eyes without any reason as usual. Luckily there wasn't any hurt or red mark left on his eyes.
I said, "Why don't you kick him back? So next time he doesn't dare to hit you again."
Know what my lil' dear boy said?
"Mom, I can't hit anybody without any reason. I'll feel not good at heart. Ms.Lani saw when he hit me and has already talked to him with her eyes like this...(he made a round shape with his thumb and middle finger and smiled). I don't want Ms.Lani scold me too, like the way he did to Josh."

Oh my... I never imagine he would say like that. Seems he wiser than me!
Last week I noticed that he also hit him on his stomach and my son only said,
"Josh, don't hit my stomach. It's a pity of my stomach, it will cry ." hahaha...

I had ever heard other moms told this boy's bulliying behaviour on his young aged. At first I just thought they're only kids, let the teacher handle it, mommys don't need to interfere, but not this time I think. haha...Like others mom, I just can't allow other kids hit my son without any reason. Kind of accepting bulliying when I don't make nothing.
As soon as we're at home, I texted his teacher about the problem and believe she would have a good solving problem. lil' son told me about another precious lesson of life :)
If we do the same bad thing, we just as bad as him.
But what about if it's the name of self defence? What would you gonna tell your kids?


mumsgather said...

Wow! He is better than us! Hahaha. What a dear little boy.

Tammy said...

You have a wonderful little boy! :o)