August 21, 2009

Saturday Morning

I always love Saturday morning and the calming aura in itself. No need to hurry, just enjoying the morning. Today is still just like that, the perfect one I think. The air this morning is wonderful.
All the kids are at home, enjoying their 3 days of public holidays since yesterday.

We wake up late, well..not really, just the kids. I mean I was be the first, but still soo... late. Made my self a cup of warm tea then started to try my friend's recipe of an old fashioned cheesy bread, still in a slow motion of Saturday rhythm. Very sweet of her to create it for me. That used to be my favorite bread from my childhood years when we're still neighbors. We used to buy from the same seller. And finally this is the bread.....

I surprised she still remember its chessy taste, really similar! I just changed the butter into margarine and add 4 teaspoon of flour to the filling in trying to thicken the filling and meet the salty taste I want.

My lil' boy accompanied me in the kitchen, I let him played with the dough, after he giggled many times in trying many weird shapes finally he made a little turtle bread for his own.

As soon as the baking completely done, we all have our late breakfast. Watched a good warmhearted movie together, then took a late morning bath and now check my email, writing this post...while the kids busy with their own activities without disturbing me.
Ah, I don't think I can accurately put into words what a wonderful Saturday morning we have...


Fitri said...

Well Done!! sekarang dah happy kan Hen heheheh, pedagang roti keliling masih ada ga sih di SMG?
Bikin roti kopi ya abis ini..ueanaak looh

ellen said...

What a wonderful morning, Henny. That bread looks delicious and I love that little turtle. What a creative baker you have in your family.
It is early morning here and I am enjoying a cup of coffee and the quiet.

mumsgather said...

It sounds truly wonderful. The bread looks good too! :)