July 31, 2008

Today is My Girl’s 13th Birthday

Each year on your birthday,
I think about how thankful and fortunate I am
To have you in my life.

I always have a place reserved
Just for you in my heart
I want you to know
You're really very special
And each year my feelings
Continue to grow

Warm wishes and love
I'm sending to you on your 13th birthday
I wish all your dreams will come true
Just like the way you imagined it,
Or better.

Never give up on your dreams
I'm sure being such a daughter like you
That is generous, kind, loving and true
make you always be as bright as the stars
That shines above

Tropical Flowers

These are the flowers in my garden. I took the pictures when the electricity off. To see them make me realize that many things could be done without electricity :)

This is not flower, but I love most..

Silence and Electricity

Finally, here comes … the extinction of electricity at my area! Everybody here know that the electricity crisis (related to the high price of oil and gas) has been going on for more than 3 months and not getting better. The electricity off from 8am to 3pm. Unfortunately my little Ian was also sick and didn’t go to school. He’s got a little bit fever (maybe because spent too much time in water-play in his plastic pool the day before), so my daily routine was automatically “off”. No TV’s sound, no music, no computer, no ironing, no laundry, no electrical stuff…Simplicity we both have a “silent day”, no contamination from noise.

We filled the morning by playing Lego, Lasy and Game Boy. When Ian took his nap it became more silent. I can hear the sound of the wind on leaves. (then I couldn’t stand for taking pictures of flowers at my garden). It was also a perfect moment after all to finish reading my book..

July 28, 2008

Decorating The Door

Every year the teachers at the Kindergarten renew the decorating on the doors of the school. Since almost all the doors had glasses we had problem that every kids who passed them always stop and peep inside what were their friends from other class doing and vice versa the kids inside the class do the same.

So here we’ve got the door's design for this year. We reused and recycled every kind of leftover papers for decorating the doors.

July 27, 2008

No Title

I’m in the middle of reading a book “Go around Europe in 6 Months with only U$ 1000”. At first I thought it was just an exciting experience of a backpacker with a low budget, but the more I read I know that I don’t just have her sightseeing experiences. Many philosophies thinking I could find there based on her experiences of meeting many kind of people from different cultures and countries.

The writer wrote one of this interesting joke:
“There are two rooms in this world. The first one is full of peace and blessing, the other one is full of conflicts and disputes. The first room was occupied by Moses, Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha and Krishna while the second one was occupied by their follower.”
I had told my kids about this joke. I think they should know this to shape their open mind and heart to other people.
Besides it’s my habit to tell interesting matters that I found from books I have been reading to closed people around me…. :)

July 26, 2008

It Doesn’t Easy At All

Last night (I think) I had a ‘bad’ conversation with my boy. Basically it was such a miscommunication. After 24 hours over, I know I was the one who started ‘wrong’.
It began with my help to plastic covered his school books, there were still 2 and we got each. While I was in the middle in covering I felt something sharp touched my elbow. Instantly I shouted,
“Close your cutter lid. It’s dangerous!” (I knew he hold a cutter before to cut the plastic sheet and pretty sure he didn’t close the lid).
“Look, I haven’t opened this cutter’s lid yet!!”, he snapped at me and showed his cutter closed to my eyes.

Shocked to his reaction, I fall in silent. Suddenly I felt really sad and I got my tears down quietly. On these days I feel the 2 of my kids like to snap at me. When I traced back my memory then I know maybe I’m the one who started snap at them. I feel so sorry about this. I’m not a type of mom that have full of patience :(

I know it doesn’t easy at all to be a mom of 2 kids who begin their teens aged. We both have so many conflicts here and there sometimes. I know it has been a difficult year for them in the beginning, but really it doesn’t easy at all for me...
How do you cope to this kind of conflict or feeling with your teenage kids? I really should learn to someone that already had through this ..

July 24, 2008


To see this bright and colourful picture can make my mood 'turned up' good this morning. I've heard couple of days ago from a local radio broadcast that colourful pictures or songs with 'cheerful' beat are really good to see and hear for starting your day :)
It valid for kids, too. So better to wake them up with cheerful beat music than our grumbling!

20 Years Ago

20 years ago was the first time I met them.Now, their warm hearts still the same to me, nothing changed..

For me,
Friends are there until the end
A friend will never permanently say goodbye
A friend is always there on your bad times or good times
Friendship would never grow old
Boyfriends or lover could come and go in this game of life
But friendship will stay no matter what in your heart forever
So hold your friends and make sure they know how much they mean to you

July 23, 2008

The Same Breakfast Again ??

It has been for 5 days I always made corned beef fried rice for breakfast. My kids, all the three, are really ‘in love’ with it these days. You definitely know the feeling of doing something over and over again every morning at the same time although it’s fun to see them eat up the meal :)

I think I could cook with my eyes closed tomorrow morning if…they still ask that corned beef fried rice for breakfast!
Or maybe I won’t buy corned beef …:b

July 22, 2008

Adit's Piano Lesson

My 2nd kid, Adit has already taken his piano class for almost 3 years since he was at grade 4 at school. After took the course I could see his talented in playing piano. I found a revolutionary new piano school here with Wei Tsin Fu’s teaching method-SNOWMAN’S DREAM. I like its principle in teaching music to kids : a method of learning in a playful way, which allows to achieve these highest level performances with ease and minimal effort, and in minimal time. The school considers itself a brain school, using the process of learning music to help students discover their intelligence, in all fields – music, logic, motoric, emotion, etc. I also have a ‘strong’ opinion that kids should enjoy everything they do in learning without decreasing their time for ‘real’ playing.

Adit loves his piano class very much, but a month lately I think he feel a little bit boring to attend his piano class. One day he said “I don’t like this song” or another day “I don’t like the way my teacher taught me” (when his own teacher went to Germany and someone substitute her) or any other reason he made. Have you ever experience this with your kids in piano lesson? I really need to hear your experience or suggestion about this. Should he attend another piano class with another new teacher or just break for couple of weeks? Yesterday I’ve discussed this to his own teacher and she said it would be a pity to “moved” to another piano class because their methods should be different from them and it will influence Adit’s way of playing piano. She said I should wait 2 until next week to see his progress in this case after he attend a one week special course from a teacher that comes from Germany (from their head office music school). Since I’m not playing piano or any other music instrument I’m confused to make up the best decision for Adit. I remembered after he was taking the course for only 1,5 month he travel to Singapore by his own with her teacher and his 5 friends to performed at Esplanade Concert Hall for a music camp and piano recital.
I'm affraid I'll make a wrong decision in this case. Anybody would help me, please?

July 19, 2008

Natalie's Drawing Sketches

My daughter, Natalie love drawing so much! I often see her drawing on her sketch book or even on any paper she could found at home. My hubby and I often amazed by her talent in drawing. Nowadays she likes to do Manga drawing, a kind of Japanese comic style sketches. Here are some of her works..

I don't know what's her reaction after I post them to my blog.
Sometimes she get a little "mad" when I or her father enter her room quietly just wanna see her beautiful pencil sketches.. Well, maybe that's a teenage swing mood :)

I’ll Be There

I’ve made up my mind about attending the reunion gathering. I’ll be there with my friends and I take my husband’s suggestion for traveling alone! He has a little worried if I take Ian with me then Ian would ‘disturb’ my fun time.
Oh, what a lovely understanding hubby..I love you! :)

I hope while I’m traveling my kids would also take the advantage of learning to be on his own (especially the little one, we’ve never been separated before) and maybe I could take my ‘undisturbed’ moment at the train for such a contemplation time. So far so good I think …I already have the train’s ticket and I’ll go at 8.30 pm today. Some of my old friends sent me short messages yesterday about the gathering. It turned out pleased to get in touch again with them.
Now I could reflect an image of our joyfulness tomorrow :)

July 18, 2008

A Ribbon for Alzheimer's

I dedicate this purple ribbon for my MOM and all Alzheimer's.

In honor of my dearest MOM who had Alzheimer disease since 4 years ago. I "miss" her so much!

Finally, I glued my butterflies !!

Look, finally I glued my little cute butterflies !!
I took Christina’s advice to glued them in a wire and put it between flowers., but….after I bought another 2 butterflies for still keeping them “just the way" they are :)

I also glued 2 of them at my handmade photo frame.

Should I go or not?

Next Monday I’ve a plan to attend a reunion of my architecture class’87. At the beginning I was so excited to meet my old friends-the last time we met at our graduation on ’93-, 15 years ago !! There might be many changes happened to us. I had planned to go by night train (about 8 hours) alone because Monday is work day and the kids have to go to school.

But today, I feel uncertain about that. I feel a bit worried about leaving the kids at home although I’ve a maid, but when I think back deeply, the real reason maybe because I used to travel with my family.
It’s true; I almost never had traveled (far) alone since married. To imagine sitting side by side with a stranger at the train, a little bit weird…
I haven’t made up my decision yet, should I cancelled or maybe I would take my little boy with me :b since he still in K2 so he could ‘absent’ from his class for a day or two to accompany me :)

Have you ever felt like this or experience the same way?

July 16, 2008

The First Award

This is the award I've received today from Tammy, the most productive writer on blog I'd ever known and the most loyal commentator at my blog :)
Thank you, Tam. You're so sweet giving me this award. I am going to copy off and pass this unique award to my other dearest blogging friends :
Shelly ,Christina,Ellen,Evi,MG
Hope it could made your day!

July 15, 2008

Kids' Friendship

Do you realize that most kids are so easy to make friends?

For example, my bestfriend at univ came to visit us last month. She brought her 2 boys with her. We're travelling together and they all stayed at our home for 3 days. My little boy -Ian- could make friend to her son -Rama- immediately. Although they're 5 years apart in aged and don't speak fluently in the same language (both of them used to speak mix in English-Indonesian) they become closer and closer every day. Whenever we're travelling by 2 cars, Ian chosed to sit in the same car with Rama. They sleep together, too.

When they're leaving, I know Ian was sad (like me :b). Now almost a month had over, Ian still missed his new found best friend. Sometimes when he feel that way, he speak to me and imitate the way Rama talks when playing.
I think adults rarely can make bestfriends in just 3 days. We can learn their spirit in making new friends.

Cute Little Butterflies

I bought these 4 little creatures from a handycraft store (I compared their size to a button) They made from a little wire with sparkling small beads in some place. Aren't they cute? I just bought all for Rp 6000,- (U$ 0.60). I want to make hairpins or brooch with them. That's the easist way, only put a little glue to a black hairpin or glued a safety pin behind the wings...But it has been 4 days, I just love to watch them.. Too beautiful to put glue on them. :)

July 10, 2008

Soccer Robotic Competition

Last Sunday together we accompany Adit to a mall. He attended a Soccer Robotic Competition and finally got 1st prize winner.
I wrote about my kids activities on this school holiday a week ago. The boys take a Robotic course. It seems like I pay for my guilty for not let them have a Play Station Games Set at home :)
I hope it’s not…
I found this robotic course is good for him since he should learn about kinesthetic, creativity, problem solving, build robotic mechanical and the most important is the boys should move around not just sit !

July 09, 2008

Play Station Games

Most of families with kids here have Sony Play Station Set at home, but we don’t have any. My hubby only bought a Game Boy for them. We think it’s enough. They could only play it on weekend. I don’t like to see them just sitting most of the times with eyes stuck on a small monitor. Not healthy at all.
Sometimes I wonder if my boys feel a little bit ‘left behind’ (not up to date) in this case since most of their friends have Play Stations., but so far they’re ok. Well, sometimes Adit, aged 11, ask about it, but never complain so much after he heard our explanation. (By the way am I strict too much?)
What about your rule about this ‘Play Station’ stuff at home?
I think it’s a pity kids nowadays don’t play traditional outdoor games too like the way we did when we’re kids such like playing marbles, stilt, rope, hopscotch jump, kites, etc. They could learn about cooperation and sportsmanship. Do your kids still play those games? Mine don’t. My hubby had ever tried to introduce some to them, but since they don’t have any friend to play with then his effort was a little bit useless.

July 04, 2008

White Paper Syndrome

I often get the ‘white paper syndrome’ every time I open word document on my PC (I usually write there before I copy and paste to my blog). I just feel intimidated by the white default blank paper and confused what I should to write. Have you ever felt this way?

I remember about couple of weeks ago I attended a writing workshop at a local bookstore (It was my first time considering writing to be a ‘serious’ matter). They invited a famous local writer in that interesting program. I’ve got lucky to join it although it was really a short workshop, it was about 4 hours.

The writer said there’s no standard steps for writing. Any writing theory couldn’t make us an expert in writing because the only you need in writing is “action” or practicing.
Idea can hit you every where, just follow these 3 helpful steps:
1. Become a kid again
This is the easiest way to find and dig ideas, be the curiosity of a kid. Always ask “Why, why and why..” to yourself.
2. Accustomed to make a little note in your notes on cell phone, piece of paper or anything.
If there’s something interesting crossed your mind or you saw while you’re doing something, just take a little note of it. It could be 1 or 2 words, only for reminders.
3. Re-opening your old memories or personal journal if you have it. Sometimes we could find funny stories that has related to nowadays situation.

After all, those 3 first steps are really helpful to me when I faced again my ‘white paper syndrome’. I always admired to my blogger friend that could write more than 2 subjects in a single day (for example Tammy, Anna, MG, Elaine).
I couldn’t. I just feel grateful if I could write one single topic everyday in my blog.
Lucky me if I can write 2 like this morning :)

Thanks to All My Blogger Friends

I found that blogging has already taken an important part in my daily life. It’s like a “magical” world to me. I have got new good friends, learn to write and express my feeling/opinion, read others experiences, SO MUCH FUN I’ve got from BLOGGING!! (but $$ has not included yet, still learning how to :b )
Ok, thank you all for becoming my blogger friends. Thanks for your time, your visiting and comments. I appreciate all…You’re really ‘fill’ my days!

July 03, 2008

The Coolest Lightning McQueen Car Cake

Remember about my promise to Ian for decorating his own b’day cake by himself? He did it this morning. His 2 siblings helped him to decorate the cake. All of them got so much fun! Their idea was making a Lightning McQueen Car. These are the pictures of the McQueen Car, but in their own version…
Happy Birthday Ian... We all love you!

July 02, 2008

Farewell to K2 Kids

A week ago was my last day to meet, play and chat with the K2 kids. A year has gone; it seems very fast to me. I remember the first day they came to our school, some are still shy, and some are crying, some are quiet, some are brave enough. Now they’re big kids, ready to enter a new Elementary school. The teachers and I fell great and happy to see their growth and development. We had a nice farewell party last week and here are some of the pictures.

July 01, 2008

A Peaceful School Holiday

The school holiday has been going for 1 week, 2 weeks more left. I found this time is a quite ‘peace’ school holiday we ever had, quarrels between siblings only happen at afternoon. Usually they had it whenever they like. It wasn’t really a quarrel after all, more often always starts with talking nonsense or such a silly conversation between them, giggling their own silly jokes then after that become teasing each other, so the ‘noisy’ come..
When I think it over, maybe because all the 3 are busy with their summer courses on this holiday.
Dea take Manga Drawing course (Japanese comic drawing style). The 2 boys attend I-Robo class. They learn how to make a little robot and could operate with it with a remote control or infra red sensor. This year I’m lucky and succeed enough could get the same schedules for all of them. All their courses start in the morning till noon. They come home exhausted, have their lunch, after that take nap together. On the afternoon they start to do such silly thing together. That’s the holiday cycles of them… No exceeded quarrel :)
Hmm.. I wish they could be like this forever.

No Birthday Present?

Yesterday we (my 2 big kids and I) had an interesting conversation with Ian.
Mom : “What do you want for your birthday present, Ian?”
Ian : (no response, still thinking)
Mom : “2 more days, on this Thursday you’re going to be 5.”
Ian : “No, I don’t want.”
Mom : (still confused) "You don’t want a birthday present? A new toy ?"

His 2 siblings open widen their eyes. I knew their eyes told me like this…Come on Ian, this is a very rare opportunity mom asked you about TOYS!!

Ian : “I just don’t want!”
His brother: “Lego, still don’t want?!” (I knew he want to take profit from this situation ;-) )
Ian : “I just don’t want any thing, I’ve already had one new toy.”
His sister: “The one that Dad bought last Sunday?”
Ian : “Yes!!”
Mom : "What about a birthday cake?" (feeling guilty)
Ian: “Ok, I want a birthday cake with a picture on top that I could eat it’”
Mom : ??
His sister: “Maybe a cake with an edible photo image at the top.”

After a while my daughter was looking for ads about it and found the phone number of a woman who receives orders edible photo prints. She’s the only one in our city and it’s a pity she’s on vacation till next week. No order then. Every cake shops here usually give their edible photo prints orders to her. I’ve plan formerly to bake a birthday cake for Ian and just put the edible photo of him on the top. ;-(

Think, think…mom! Get a new idea…

Then finally I make up my mind; still bake a birthday cake for him but he could make the decoration on top by himself. I just prepare the butter cream in many colors and let him squeeze it from a paper bag to make anything he wants. That will be his “present”.
What do you think of this idea? I just want him feel happy on his special day.