March 13, 2012

'I Spy Quilt" for the Preschoolers (Step 1)

This is Step 1 of my 'I Spy Quilt'.

I remember when I first opened the package from my Phillipino friend -Melanie-, I was soooo ...happy to see all these cutie 'I Spy' blocks!
The top...

The back...

I used cute 'cowboy theme' fabric that my bestfriend sent me last year as a gift, a Michael Miller's fabric.
I plan to give it to the preschoolers next door when finished :)
Still have more steps to do...until it will become a real quilt.

February 13, 2012

Part 1 - Our Christmas & New Year's Holiday

We spent our Christmas and New Year's holiday in Bali.
My kids captured the moments.....

December 16, 2011

Ian's Christmas Bunting

Ian had to create his classroom for Christmas last week.
Her teacher asked the children to bring Christmas decorations from home.
They might purchased it or made for their class something special.

Ian chose the second option.

He made his first simple Christmas bunting.
He cut triangle shapes from my fabric stash and I help him to use the sewing machine to sew the straight simple line onto the ribbon to connecting all the triangles.

I'm so happy to see he was excited with his project.
Today he cebrating Christmas at school before starting his -3 weeks- Christmas holiday, starting next week.

Ian told me that one of his best friend said, " Oh're too creative!"

June 18, 2011

A surprised from 7 yo kid!

Last week my old classmates from college had appointment to do a photography hunting day on old city Semarang, my city. It's a coastal city on north Java island in Indonesia. That area - the old city- was a former Dutch colony.
My friends did the photo hunting a whole day there, walking around the old city area, found many interesting objects.
My 7 yo kid, Ian accompanied us and I gave him a simple Canon digital piocket camera.
But oh my....when my friends and I saw his pictures for the first time...we all surprised!!
These are very good work from an 7 yo kid, my friends told me :)
Actually that moment was the first time he really into in taking pictures.
And I surprised he enjoyed very very much!!
I could only accompany my friends for half day because I had to take my cello class and just let him joined my friends until afternoon.
Also surprised he didn't look for me for the rest of that day until I picked him up, hehe...
Enjoy his pictures...

These 2 pictures of my husband and I were taking by Ian when we're at -the Peek- a Contemporary Art Gallery also located in the old city.

This was my husband's idea ...being 'similar' with the statue :)

November 30, 2010

I miss my blog!!

This morning...after I read Ellen's blog, my darling blogfriend, it touched me to take a look at my first blog, here. Yes, I miss my blog! I found that I miss writing here :)

So for warming up after soooo...long I left this blog, I'll put some pics of my kids.
I just realized how fast they're growing. Wow...

Always miss every moments where they're still babies, toddlers, preschoolers...
With them my life always be an adventure, a pretty nice one :)
Thanks, kids !

April 02, 2010

Enjoying Indonesian traditional batik painting at the Mall.

My kids had great experience this week. Three of them really get fun this week.
Actually I had written this moment in my other blog, just can't help my self to write over again here, a blog that I dedicated for them.

On a rainy evening after we spent times on a mall, my little boy saw an interesting spot on the corner. He saw a lady did batik painting on fabric. Anyone could try doing Indonesian traditional batik painting there. We should only pay about 4 U$ for one person.
First, the little one tried to do the project with the help of the lady.

Then not too long, his big brother and sis also participated in joining him painting.
For coloring for Indonesian batik we use natural dyed colors made from flower's petal, leaves, root of a tree, or even soil. Specifically these natural colors used only on batik handmade painting, not the ones that produced from a printing batik factory. That's why batik handmade painting is a lot higher in price than batik printing from factory.

These are their finished batik handmade painting.

March 17, 2010

Have a sweet dream "little Tiger"

My hubby took this pic while the little "tiger" was having his nap yesterday.
We both know that just for a blink of our eyes he's gonna be a big boy.
Maybe couldn't cuddle him anymore.