August 27, 2009

My All 'Special' Birthday Gifts

Yesterday was my 40th birthday. Without my hubby here seem something missing, no dine out as we usually did. But I've got plenty of happiness by receiving b'day wishes at Facebook and Flickr from my dear old and new friends. Aah...having friends is really wonderful blessing!
Three of my kids also gave me 'special' gifts. My daughter made me an omellete for dinner, the middle boy gave me an afternoon late kiss since he was hurry to school and forgot it was my b'day that morning and the little one finally gave me an unusual gift I've ever had, after he was thingking hard at school (he said like that).
He said, "Ma,since you really love my puffy butt, so my butt is forever for you."
haha.... since I really love to kiss my kids' bottoms when they're still little kids especially after they're having bath (I just like its smell and damp cold feeling)
"One more, Ma. I'll sleep with you tonight for an extra gift".
Oh...what a touching wonderful gift!
Not but least my hubby also sent me a lovely poem via email. It almost made me cry although (I know) it was a'copy paste' poem. :)

Really a perfect birthday celebration..
Like my brother in law texted me as a birthday wish:
"Birthday are the perfect time to think of all you've done. That's made your life so meaningful.".

August 25, 2009

Be Focus One at a Time, Still Learning..

This afternoon I accompanied my little boy to learn his 1st grade Science subject. It's about Insect and Fish and tomorrow he's going to have a written test.
It was really fun when I first started to read for him. Lots of colorful pictures on the book. And then come to the moment he should read.....still enjoy it, but not as much as before. And then come to the moment to write...
Oh my...he wrote so slowly with some mistake spellings. Sometimes I have to be patience a LOT!
Meanwhile in my mind there was still a wait-to-do list for tonight.

well, I know it's not fair for him to have his mom beside him, but not totally focus on him! I said to him "come on, can do it", but inside "hurry up, boy!!I want to make your chicken steam rice for tomorrow's breakfast, I want to read my email, I want to update my Facebook, I want to play Farm Town,I just want to be relaxed.."
hahaha...I'm a bad mom sometimes. Still need to learn how to be focus one at a time. How about you?

August 21, 2009

Saturday Morning

I always love Saturday morning and the calming aura in itself. No need to hurry, just enjoying the morning. Today is still just like that, the perfect one I think. The air this morning is wonderful.
All the kids are at home, enjoying their 3 days of public holidays since yesterday.

We wake up late, well..not really, just the kids. I mean I was be the first, but still soo... late. Made my self a cup of warm tea then started to try my friend's recipe of an old fashioned cheesy bread, still in a slow motion of Saturday rhythm. Very sweet of her to create it for me. That used to be my favorite bread from my childhood years when we're still neighbors. We used to buy from the same seller. And finally this is the bread.....

I surprised she still remember its chessy taste, really similar! I just changed the butter into margarine and add 4 teaspoon of flour to the filling in trying to thicken the filling and meet the salty taste I want.

My lil' boy accompanied me in the kitchen, I let him played with the dough, after he giggled many times in trying many weird shapes finally he made a little turtle bread for his own.

As soon as the baking completely done, we all have our late breakfast. Watched a good warmhearted movie together, then took a late morning bath and now check my email, writing this post...while the kids busy with their own activities without disturbing me.
Ah, I don't think I can accurately put into words what a wonderful Saturday morning we have...

August 12, 2009

"Why don't you kick him back?"

Yesterday when my lil' boy came out of the school and on the way to the car parking area he told me that one of his friend who often hit other friends without any reason, this time kicked him on his eyes without any reason as usual. Luckily there wasn't any hurt or red mark left on his eyes.
I said, "Why don't you kick him back? So next time he doesn't dare to hit you again."
Know what my lil' dear boy said?
"Mom, I can't hit anybody without any reason. I'll feel not good at heart. Ms.Lani saw when he hit me and has already talked to him with her eyes like this...(he made a round shape with his thumb and middle finger and smiled). I don't want Ms.Lani scold me too, like the way he did to Josh."

Oh my... I never imagine he would say like that. Seems he wiser than me!
Last week I noticed that he also hit him on his stomach and my son only said,
"Josh, don't hit my stomach. It's a pity of my stomach, it will cry ." hahaha...

I had ever heard other moms told this boy's bulliying behaviour on his young aged. At first I just thought they're only kids, let the teacher handle it, mommys don't need to interfere, but not this time I think. haha...Like others mom, I just can't allow other kids hit my son without any reason. Kind of accepting bulliying when I don't make nothing.
As soon as we're at home, I texted his teacher about the problem and believe she would have a good solving problem. lil' son told me about another precious lesson of life :)
If we do the same bad thing, we just as bad as him.
But what about if it's the name of self defence? What would you gonna tell your kids?

August 10, 2009

About a Lesson in Gender

Ian showed me his drawing after he arrived home from school.
While he was showing it he told me that it was a picture of himself playing football and on the corner of the page he also draw someone was cooking in a small kitchen. "It's also me", he said.
"I want to play football and learn how to cook".

I figured out from his story that his teacher told the kids to draw a picture that could describe what they want to do and learn at this moment. Anything... is possible said the teacher.

Ah, I'm glad to see his drawing. It has showed me (I hope) that he understand there's no girl or boy's job in this world. Man and woman is equal and can do everything they want to do. You know, I always tell this to the kids since they're young and showed them simply that their daddy and mommy do household works together side by side at home.

But, it's a pity now I've lost his drawing...I forget where I keep it. Sigh!

August 05, 2009

Mistake Spelling

click pic for a better view

At first when I saw his writing in this way couple of times, I started to worry because there are so many mistake spelling. I've tried to teach him to write in right spelling, but fail.
Finally I came to his teacher and asked one of my friend -Rachel- in blogland (she's a montessori teacher)and these are their answer..

I shouldn't have worried too much about spelling in first grade as long as I can tell that my son is trying to "sound out" the words and as long as he is working on his reading.
It's very normal when 1st grade kids are guessing the spelling by using the sounds in the spoken word to figure it out on their own. This is a great way to start writing and will improve as children practice. I have found that as a child practices and improves their reading skills, the spelling will also improve because they are seeing words over and over again and figuring out tricky spelling rules on their own. At this age children really do absorb all the knowledge around them!

Well, just enjoy your first grade Ian. I don't need to worry at all from now on.