January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Year and we all have holiday here. I don’t celebrate it, but many of my friends do. Gong Xi FatChoi…for those who celebrate it. Hope all the best luck for this ‘buffalo’ year.

Last Friday before the school got a long weekend, the kids at preschool celebrate it. Every kids received a little red ‘Angpao’ envelope. I and the teachers put 4 chocolates coins in each envelope to replaced the money. It’s a custom for Chinese kids here to have money inside the envelope on Chinese New Year day from their relatives.

They also made a little Chinese doll made from old 'badminton' shuttle cocks and flannel with the helps from teachers.


I know that many kids have their own “precious property” on their early years of life. It could be blanket, toys, so many things. It also happened to my little boy. I’ve just recently aware that whenever he wants to sleep, ‘Polly’ the polar bear should be around him, not always to be hugged. He usually take a look at around the room and asks “Where’s Polly?”. Too see Polly also in the same room with him, make him comfortable to start listening to my story and then sleep. I know he loves his Polly very much.

So I wrote this for him. ..If he get older and become a big boy, he could remember and see again his dearly ‘Polly’ the polar bear.

January 22, 2009

His 12th Birthday

Do you remember my post about giving a perfect present ? This time I've learned :)
My son's birthday was on Jan 21, a day after the big Inauguration day of Obama. I gave him this

and he loves....very much!! I just amazed how he grows so fast and couldn't use his old bike with comfort. Sometimes I often amazed too with myself, "how could I have 3 kids and just be fine being their mom? It's such an amazing journey..."

The present wasn't just actually for his birthday, but also for his best school grade this semester. His dad has already promised him a bicycle if he could be the best in his class. he did it and he get the present. Happy birthday to you, son!

January 18, 2009

Introducing My Girl's First Blog

She finally make up her mind to have a blog of her own....this afternoon. I'm glad for her :)
She loves drawing manga very much. If you have time, I hope you could visit her blog here and say hi for her first launching in blogland...
Thank you .....

January 12, 2009

His Special Prayer

I usually read bedtime story for Ian. I often asked him to pray before sleeping. Here’s his ‘usual’ prayer at most of the nights :
“God I want to go home soon. Please guide and protect me in my way home. Thank you God, in the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.”

I had ever said this to him couple of times,
“I think that’s a pray for going home, Ian.”
“I know, but I love that prayer. At my school I pray like that.”
“Ok”, I finally gave up.

Tonight.. to my surprised he said like this after his bedtime story :
“Ma, I won’t say my ‘after school pray’ tonight.”
“Oh, really?”
“Yes, listen. I want to pray.
“God I want to sleep soon. Please guide and protect me in my way to sleep. Thank you God, in the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.”

I almost laugh at that time. He only changed the word ‘home’ with ‘sleep’. Oh kid, kid…

January 07, 2009

The White Linen Bedsheet

This month my son is going to be 12 and I’m trying hard to find a perfect gift for him.
Talking about gift ….
Have you ever told by your kids something like this?

“Oh, mom … sometimes you’re weird. Why you gave me present a bed sheet? Well, actually I need a new one, but I don’t want it as a gift. I know for sure you chose it because you LOVE that bed sheet.”

Hahaha… Yes, it’s absolutely true, but I just knew she doesn’t like one of the gift. She only loved the chocolates and cute flannel reindeer hanging puppet. About the bed sheet, I chose it because I think its color and pattern would perfectly match with her new quilt blanket I had made for her before Christmas. I remember that I really excited to find it when I was window shopping. I forgot to think over again if my daughter really like it like the way I feel or not.

Many times in many ways I found we as moms always feel “really knowing” what our kids need, but actually we don’t. It’s rather silly, isn’t it? We sometimes forgot to see from their point of views.
So far… have you ever been like this?