June 18, 2011

A surprised from 7 yo kid!

Last week my old classmates from college had appointment to do a photography hunting day on old city Semarang, my city. It's a coastal city on north Java island in Indonesia. That area - the old city- was a former Dutch colony.
My friends did the photo hunting a whole day there, walking around the old city area, found many interesting objects.
My 7 yo kid, Ian accompanied us and I gave him a simple Canon digital piocket camera.
But oh my....when my friends and I saw his pictures for the first time...we all surprised!!
These are very good work from an 7 yo kid, my friends told me :)
Actually that moment was the first time he really into in taking pictures.
And I surprised he enjoyed very very much!!
I could only accompany my friends for half day because I had to take my cello class and just let him joined my friends until afternoon.
Also surprised he didn't look for me for the rest of that day until I picked him up, hehe...
Enjoy his pictures...

These 2 pictures of my husband and I were taking by Ian when we're at -the Peek- a Contemporary Art Gallery also located in the old city.

This was my husband's idea ...being 'similar' with the statue :)