June 26, 2009

Come on.., you'd better sleep with me...

"Come on .., you'd better sleep with me. ", that always said every night from 2 of my big kids to their little brother, Ian. After 2 minutes away then it became such like a "battle" between them in trying to have Ian, completed with both sides words influenced to him. This "battle" problem has started after I've arranged Ian's bed in his big brother's room 2 years ago so my preteen girl would has her own privacy.

But, I found my idea that boys should have separated room from girl is fail!
This night Ian could sleep with Natalie, the other night then with Adit. The way it go doesn't as simple as I write this. It should through (again and again) in long debates with many arguments from the 2 of them and often ended up with one side cry and the 2 other sleep together. Sometimes I feel I was a bad "jury" in this case.

Any suggestion from me?
To have 3 of them together in one bedroom is impossible since we don't have any big room left and believe me, they will stay up late because of non stop chatting when together.

June 19, 2009

Last day of School

Yesterday was the last day of school for my kids. I'm going to take my kids school report today.
This such like an exciting "guessing" moment for me. What will I read at their report books? Will they going to receive Good rating for most of the subjects or ALL of it?
What should I do if I see bad rating there? Should I angry or just let them feel their disappointment ? Although I have went through this moment many times, still such questions like that pop in my mind.
Hmm...sometimes it's difficult to be a wise mom. Learn, learn and learn all the times ....

No matter what, this afternoon we're going to start our family vacation. Visiting 3 cities and driving along for 4 days together ...Exciting!

June 16, 2009

Happy Weeks

Since my hubby has been home again since 2 weeks ago, we all grateful and very happy. Trying to fill each day with fun and simple activities we used to do and enjoy every single minute of this togetherness.
Ah...what a lovely life!