December 31, 2008

Welcoming New Year

Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations are over now. My first day on 2009 is starting to give me my daily routine again, but like in a ‘slow motion pictures’. I need to turn my “energy” back from the holiday season to ‘real life’. All my in laws, nieces and nephews had gone back to their home town this morning. It weird feeling the emptiness and quietness of my home again.

Oh, come on… Henny, don’t let those feeling stay longer; let the spirit of New Year replace it! I still have 3 days more holiday with the kids until next Monday for really ‘starting’ my days.
Yay….new year, new hope, new opportunities… please welcome to my life :)

Happy New Year to you all.

December 30, 2008

Wanna Meet Your Dad? I thankful to technology!!
I have been just feeling about that for 2 weeks now. You know what? My kids (and I) still can chat and see their Dad via YM and webcam. In this holiday season we‘re on line with him at least twice a day. Isn’t that great?

At last one day…my little boy had ever push aside his opportunity to chat with his Dad because of how very often we meet each other online. It was interesting to know his reaction…maybe he feels his Daddy still near him so he can talk to him whenever he wants…not when Daddy wants him :)

December 24, 2008

Christmas Morning's Accident

I always love to see my kids’ excited and happy faces when they open up their Christmas gift from their Santa's socks. It used to be that kind of morning until something happened to my little boy just a moment ago. He was so glad to find a Winnie the Pooh glass snow globe water ball in his sock. He was walking around the living room and hold the present…suddenly I heard something broke to the floor and his crying. His new snow globe water ball had already broken, fall to the floor…
Oh..what should I do? Ask him to write a letter again for Santa or just take him to the store and buy one…what do you think?

Merry Christmas

A warm Holiday wish from me ...
hope you have a wonderful Christmas

December 23, 2008

Something Fun for Christmas

For 2 days I have been out from my quilting activity. Without my hubby around us this Christmas, I think I should cheer up the kids (and also myself) with doing something fun for their Christmas time.
We did a lots of cookies baking, a little bit cheese here…

And scattered of sugar powder like snow there…

We made Santa’s socks together for the upcoming Christmas Eve… The little one want to fill his sock with some fresh grass for Rudolph the reindeer...

December 18, 2008

Another Conversation after Praying in the Car

“Why the sky is so blue after I open my eyes, Ma, not just like ‘the same blue’ I saw before I pray?”, he asked from the back chair after finished his pray for Dad. I took a look at the sky.. no, I think it still the same sky…(adult’s thinking)

Thinking for a sec then I told him maybe because his eyes had just recently closed and rested for a while, so when he open his eyes then he would feel a little bit different, more relaxed so he saw a more blue sky then before. (Oh oh…did I give him right explanation?)

Not satisfied to what I said then he told me, Yesterday you didn’t say like that..”.
“Oh, what did I say then?”
, really I forgot.
“Already forgot? When I asked you after praying, remember…? You said because I pray to the people I loved with a happy heart so when I open my eyes after praying then I’ll see the sky more blue then before.”

Oh yes, I remember, I remember….Yesterday I said like that to him after he pray at the car. I don’t know why he like to pray at the car these 2 days in a row. So.. gosh, I gave him 2 answers.
“Well, honey. I think both of them could be right. I’ll check the book or we’re googling together after school, ok?”
End conversation. Better get googling now after post this and before I'll pick him up :)

I learn something simple but sweet from him.

“Mom, It’s noisy here.. turn off the radio!”, my little boy told me. We’re in the car on the way to his school this morning and I was listening to a local radio broadcast.
“Why?”, I asked. He usually likes to hear “Sketsa Indonesia” a program about Indonesia Today, but spread in a comedy situation.
“I want to pray right now, for Papa”.
Oh…so sweet of him, really touched me.
Then I saw him through the frontview mirror that he closed his eyes and pray after I turn off the radio. My tears almost down. He surely misses his Dad a lot, but expressed it in a very good way.
My hubby has already gone to Jakarta yesterday and today he will continue travel to Amsterdam. This Christmas would be different without him around us, not only for the Christmas I think but for the whole year.

December 12, 2008

I Love You, Natalie...

I’ve just recently watched a VCD of “A Land of Women” this night while waiting for my hubby’s arrival from Jakarta. It was really a good movie, and touching. It’s about 5 different women from different generations, 2 moms, a little girl, a teenager, a young woman and a grandma completed with all their complex relationship. The movie has a beautiful ending that everyone finally got better relationships and knew better about them selves and people they loved so much after a fine writer young man came into their lives unexpectedly.

This movie had just reminded me to my relationship with my dear teenage daughter. I want to share with you that we don’t always have good relationship, up and down along this year. Sometimes I feel surprised to what she had done or said (I’m pretty sure she feel the same about me). I know that it has never been easy to have 2 teenagers all at once at home, my boy is a little bit easier then my girl. Sometimes I couldn’t control myself when I get mad–snapping and yelling- then felt regret after that, make a little note of “I’m sorry” or even a short letter to tell I love them so much that I put in her/his wardrobe.

Remembering to my own adolescent age, I think I had that kind of relationship too with my mom, up and down along the way. As an adolescent I may come to look down on my mom and think that other woman are much better. Of course, I wasn’t a fully grown up woman so I couldn’t understand the challenges and choices that my mom faced. It is only when I become a woman (with kids) then I can fully appreciate my mother.
Really, I know that I can be wrong or can not be “the best of moms” for my daughter. (So dear Natalie..for the mistakes I have made I’m sorry).
All I know that I always love her forever and hope we have better relationship next year. That is one of my new year's resolution :)

What about you in your relationship with your teenager, I mean how did you cope difficult times in facing them? I really appreciate if you want to share..