October 25, 2008

The Last 2 Days

For the last 2 days the electricity at my place was on and off couple of times so I decided not to do anything in front of my PC like I used to do every morning.

On the first day I spent the whole day with the kids from the kindergarten doing some “projects” at a small-scale organic farming on Salatiga – a small city near to Semarang-. We’re learning how to plant, composting, seeing process of making simple bio fuel energy from cows’ feces and also learning many kinds of vegetables. The kids really love to do all.

On the second day I planned to drop-off Ian to his kindergarten, but finally accompanied him for a moment playing on the playground that has already set for celebrating the UN day. Yesterday all the kids and teachers were wearing traditional costumes from different countries around the world. Ian was wearing Japanese costume. It was so fun and interesting to see all of them.

I really want to take a picture of Ian and his friends before the celebration started, but gosh…it was difficult to asked them for not moving even just for a sec so… this is the best I had done of taking pictures of Ian in his Japanese costume.

October 19, 2008

Never Affraid to Learn New Things

My little boy had just recently could bike for about 2 weeks. I see and follow his progress in learning to bike since the first moment. I amazed he was only need 2 days to finally bike his 2 wheels bicycle. After that day he always enthusiasm for asking his dad to accompany him biking every morning before go to school and afternoon. I see that no more than a week he could bike very well.

Yesterday on Sunday morning I when I accompanied him biking, I surprised and almost stop my breath to see him biking in a path slopes downward (our house is surrounding by many upward and downward roads). I think he didn’t really use his arm brakes. I almost closed my eyes, not dare to see him finnish that road, while he laughing excitedly along the way down….

I think I had learned something from him. Little kids never afraid or hesitate to learn new things with a great enthusiasm. That’s why in someway they could learn something faster than us.

October 15, 2008

What Types of Mom Are You?

There are 6 types of modern mother based on her pattern/style on nurturing kids. I read this article in Oct edition of Indonesia Readers’ Digest.
1. Natural Mom
Full of loving and can be a good friend for her kids. She wants her kids happy, independent and open minded.
2. Playful Mom
Spontaneous, warmhearted, love experiments and a playful friend to her kids. She wants her kids to be active, love to explore and have a great curiosity.
3. Ambitious Mom
Successful goals oriented and like to demand best grade to her kids. She always disciplines and never hesitate to try hard and find her kids talents becomes successful in the future.
4. Protective Mom
Often to be careful in every way, conservative and doesn’t like to take risk. She loves to protect her kids.
5. Competent Mom
A very responsible, rational and careful mom. She always up to date on the latest information. Her nurturing system is systematically planned.
6. Independent Mom
Active, like adventure so much and brave. She believes in her ability and enjoy being a mother for her kids.

So far… what the types of mom are you?
It would be interesting if you asked your older kids to choose what type of mom does he/she have. Maybe…you would be surprised that the types could be different, from your kid’point of view or yours )

October 13, 2008

Hugs For Teachers

I bought this inspiring book couple of days ago. At first, I planned to give it as a Christmas present for my boy’s Montessori teacher but I couldn’t stand to open the plastic cover and read it myself. Really it’s a good book for teacher or someone who’s working involved with kids. I speed up my reading and had finished it in an hour last night. I found many encouraging quotes and heartwarming stories in it.
I also post this article to my other blog too.

I’ll share some of inspirational quotes here:
Every good teacher is a student of students. After all, if he is to venture to cross over to student’s side of experience, he should have some idea of where he is going and how to get there. –Wayne.R.Rood-

Abruptly, circumstances arrange themselves so that the commonplace becomes the significant and the routine memorable….Afterward you know that you have learned something valuable, something that can’t always describe exactly, or measured, or fully explained. But something. –Arthur Gordon-

In teching you can’t see the fruit of a day’s work. It’s invisible and remains so, maybe for twenty years. –Jaques Barquin-

Oh yes, one more thing.. I found funny notes from a kid on this book that loves his ‘very strict’ teacher. I thought before kids don’t like a strict teacher :)

October 09, 2008

Yay..!! Finally They Had Gone to School

Yay…finally the kids had gone to school!!
We had a long vacation here, 10 days, because of the Holy Day of Moslems. We didn’t celebrate it but still can feel the happiness of them who celebrate it. Here, Idul Fitri day seems like Christmas time at your place at US, Canada or Europe. Everyone try hard to go back to their home village and celebrate it with their parents and relatives. Hustle bustle on the road and freeway.

Back to my kids….Really I couldn’t do much for my own pleasure (like visit your blogs, make a new post, sew my patchwork even for reading) when the three of them were around me, all the time, everyday, every minute. Here Ma, there Ma, come here Ma…seems a mother can solve all the problem. Sigh !
It doesn’t mean I hate school holiday, but whenever it comes I used to cook and feed them all the time. You know how teenagers eat :) I’ve 2 and one 5 years old.

Getting more often at the kitchen preparing their meals don’t mean I gained weight, but lost it at least one kg. Haha…Maybe that was one of the luck!