October 17, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Know this unusual great book?
I've just found it at a church bazaar yesterday. The kids and I get hooked on this unusual game book. It kept us busy for quite a while. Exciting to look for Waldo everywhere at every page. Somewhere in the milling crowd...

Look, where's Waldo? :D

My kids love this game book and said "We have to find another books of him, Ma"

October 15, 2009

Feeling Blue??

Aah...I love the lyrics of this beautiful song.

Just remind me of my daughter and I feel a little bit blue..
She gonna be a "butterfly" soon, well 4 - 6 years from now is not long enough, right?

October 11, 2009

Having Dream

As far as I remember I always have such a dream, one follow after another since I was a little.
I can't remember if my parents told me to do so or I've got the idea from books or it was original, my very own idea. It doesn't matter anymore to me .

The most important thing I've got for having a dream is... it had helped me to move on from time to time. As a shy-quiet little girl who comes from a not-so-warm family that love doesn't show easily between us (I mean we haven't say 'I love you' easily to each other), having a DREAM just like having a TRUE LOVING FRIEND.
When I looked back I found (and surprised) that many good events happening at every stage in my life because of my dreams.

So I often say to my own kids for always having a dream as long as they live and never be afraid to catch it. Start always from small steps..
I do still have dreams at this moment and I share with my kids. I hope it would help them grow into their own dreams. I believe DREAM will lead us to many wonderful unpredictable places...do you?

October 07, 2009

Solving Problem in Spelling

I sometimes found difficulties in teaching Ian how to spell words for his language art lesson although I know I shouldn't since he's only on 1st grade. He said to me once, "It's ok with my teacher Ma. She said I did a good job, only have to study a little bit harder in spelling. Just a little bit! "
haha...that's the point!

Yesterday he has to memorize the words 'pretzel' and 'teasing'. Just on our way to school this morning I found a silly way to memorize it. I don't know if it's good or not for a kid to learn, but I found he could laugh a lot and could spell it right, not forget again. I also love this quickie way of memorizing.

This is what I've done..
For 'pretzel' I compared the begining sound of 'pretzel' to sound of his farted 'prettt..'
This made him laugh out loud at the car. He said "I know how to write it, easy peasy Ma.."

For the other word 'teasing' I remind him how he loves our teatime together at the afternoon.
While we having our tea we can also hear our heart 'sing' happily. Just mix the 2 of them, 'tea' and 'sing'.
you know what..it works!
I don't care if it's a 'silly method' or not for learning as long as he feel happy to learn words and memorize easily :)

October 01, 2009

He lost his first milk teeth today!

Ian was very excited this morning. He lost his milk teeth, at the front, for the first time. He's very happy because he said to me, " Now, I'm almost a big boy soon!"