April 02, 2010

Enjoying Indonesian traditional batik painting at the Mall.

My kids had great experience this week. Three of them really get fun this week.
Actually I had written this moment in my other blog, just can't help my self to write over again here, a blog that I dedicated for them.

On a rainy evening after we spent times on a mall, my little boy saw an interesting spot on the corner. He saw a lady did batik painting on fabric. Anyone could try doing Indonesian traditional batik painting there. We should only pay about 4 U$ for one person.
First, the little one tried to do the project with the help of the lady.

Then not too long, his big brother and sis also participated in joining him painting.
For coloring for Indonesian batik we use natural dyed colors made from flower's petal, leaves, root of a tree, or even soil. Specifically these natural colors used only on batik handmade painting, not the ones that produced from a printing batik factory. That's why batik handmade painting is a lot higher in price than batik printing from factory.

These are their finished batik handmade painting.


Nisa-mom said...

aduuuh.. cantik banget itu bunga nya Nath yaaa.. berbakat seni emang.

Heart of Rachel said...

Those are lovely art works. They did very well. I'm sure it was fun making them.

babalisme said...

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do you want to take part art swap? it's a swaping our handmade things all around the wold,It can be a little drawing, a print, a comic or a zine, a photo, a felted
creation, a beaded thing...
Whatever fits your niche and mood you the best part is you wouldn't guessin who will send you and from what country, if you inte...rested please hit back to me, I will send the email for the details :D

Caro said...

Just stumbled upon your blog! It is beautiful! What talented, artistic children you have! I have a daughter who is a jewellery designer, another who is a talented sketcher, I knit and embroider. God made us to create beautiful things... you are also a great photographer.