March 13, 2012

'I Spy Quilt" for the Preschoolers (Step 1)

This is Step 1 of my 'I Spy Quilt'.

I remember when I first opened the package from my Phillipino friend -Melanie-, I was soooo ...happy to see all these cutie 'I Spy' blocks!
The top...

The back...

I used cute 'cowboy theme' fabric that my bestfriend sent me last year as a gift, a Michael Miller's fabric.
I plan to give it to the preschoolers next door when finished :)
Still have more steps to do...until it will become a real quilt.


Ivana Watkins said...

Such a lovely blog... and these are so cute :).

I'll be visiting more often.


Anonymous said...

nice work :)

Anonymous said...

Love viewing this blog!