November 13, 2008

Cheating or What?

One afternoon there was a call phone for my boy from his classmate. After a short conversation then my boy told me something that had made me surprised, amazed, worried and felt sorry –mix together- for his friend.

My boy (B): Can you guess what my friend asked me, Ma?
Me (M) : What? Did he ask about homework?
B: Yes, and he also asked me if I want to do the math homework assignment for him…he want to pay me Rp 5000,-
M: Hah ??? Oh, my goodness…then what did your answer?
B: Of course, I won’t.
M: (mommy felt a great relief, thanks goodness)
B: By the way, one of my friends was suspended last week when my math teacher knew he had given his answer sheet to my other friend who sits behind him.
M: (then mommy said blah, blah, blah…. to her son about honesty, cheating and helping friends.)

Long after that conversation I still think about this matter. It’s really scary for me as a mom. The boy is only 11 or 12 years old and still in 7th grade, but how could he think like that? Is it cheating or more seriously than that... I wonder what would he be in the future if he keep going like that…maybe my boy’s friend really need a help in math and his parents busy working and don’t have time to teach him or..maybe he’s a kind of kid that usually spoiled by money and fancy stuff so he think ‘money could buy everything’ or maybe … people around him used to show a "short cut way" to make easier in getting something. I don’t know…
At first I want to make a call to his mom and told about this, but then I realized was it a right way to do… I don’t know anything about his parents and family. I worried his mom could have different perspective.
Sometimes I feel worried and scary to see what kids could do in this era …


ellen said...

What is more scary than raising a child? It is, but you are doing a good job. You are teaching clear and strong values. Hang in there!

Heart of Rachel said...

I admire your son for doing the right thing.

I'm surprised that a young boy can already think of offering money to a classmate in exchange of answers.

Thank you for your insights about the teacher incident at my son's school. I hope that you can find a good school for Ian. I agree, it's always best to get feed back from other parents.

Nisa-mom said...

aaw.. malah skarang makin serem di sini loh Hen, kmarin liat di TV hasil survey nya Tyra Bank, klo anak2 usia belasan udah melakukan sex bebas berulang-2 , bahkan mereka kepingin hamil segera :( sedih kan ..

btw , kasih donk alamat email nya biar enak ngobrol nya :-)

Mom Knows Everything said...

Your son is very smart for doing the right thing. He's a very good boy!

Mumsgather said...

It IS scary isn't it? That kids as young as this can think of cheating in this manner? Fortunately your son has the values instilled to do the right thing.