November 18, 2008

Telling About SANTA

Yesterday Ian’s teacher send me an announcement letter about the coming of “Santa” at his preschool on Dec.5.
Parents have to contribute Rp 30.000,- (about U$ 3) for taking kids pictures with Santa, snacks and souvenir. We should buy a Christmas present too for our kids and collect to the school administrative office at the late of Nov.29 with a special footnote “between 9 – 11 am”, it means when the kids are in the classroom so they won’t know :).

I remember my 2 older kids believe that Santa is real and give presents to all good kids until they’re 9, aged 10 they started to tell me that, “Ma, my friend said Santa is not real. He doesn’t give me present but you”, still they ½ believe of Santa. I just said, “No matter what your friend had told you, if you believe Santa is real, so listen to your heart. Be a good kid this year.” Then my hubby add this statement: ”If you’re not believe it anymore maybe he wouldn’t give you present.” haha….

Between aged 11-12 they started suspicious. This year .. oh no, I don’t think they still believe Santa’s present anymore. They’re now 12 and 13 and knowing the truth story. But both of them are good, had never told their young brother about “the real Santa’s present” even though I don’t tell them to do so. I just like to keep the spirit of Santa stay in my kids’ heart forever.

What about you and the kids? On what aged do you tell them that Santa is not real or they know by themselves(like the way I did)?

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Heart of Rachel said...

My 5-yr old son believes in Santa Claus. This year he is excited to write Santa a letter.

I think I was around 11 years old when I started being suspicious. You see, Santa replied to my letter using my stationery. :)

When I found out the truth, I didn't tell my younger brother. Santa continued to give me presents after that so my brother wouldn't suspect a thing.