November 23, 2008

Soo...early !

Yesterday on Sunday was great. We all went to church at 6.40 while the mass started on 7 am. I think this is the first time we went to the church sooo… early without any rush! A little bit surprised…Usually no matter hard we try to attend the morning mass we’re always late. Finally we ended up in the afternoon mass or didn’t make it at all. Terrible eh?!

Always the kids who wake up late, or have breakfast late, or take a bath late too….. I wonder why always me who always busy wake everyone up and prepare everything when we want to go early in the morning. This often happened , when all of the kids were neat and ready to go, then I was the one who sweaty and feel in a mess, really want to take a morning bath again to refresh myself … :)
Is this happened to you too, hey..moms ?

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Mom Knows Everything said...

It snowed here and the kids had a great time sledding.